Twaddle the waddling floffle is a blue bat in the yuckies set along with slurpy she is featured in the great moshi beanstalk- twaddleton she is released. 


These floffle Moshlings really have earned their wings. That’s because they spend ages painting them on using inka-inka juice, squeezed from common  thumpkin seeds. Sadly the beanstalk  is green,not blue or purple. When they’re not slopping hopeless  around, waddling floffles  love sharpening their claws and licking old swoonafish 


her cousin and smelly cheese


ice pops and caps lock


Although their ears  are useless, it’s pretty difficult to spot a woddling floffle because they seldom stray beyond the lush foliage of the beautiful heart mountain 


the great moshi beanstalk- twaddleton

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